About Us

Industrial Plant of Filtros Anoia,
S.A. Sant Pere Riaudebitlls (Barcelona)



FILTROS ‒ ANOIA, S.A was started in the year 1897 by a paper engineer Mr. Jose Albet Quintana and is celebrating 120th Anniversary in 2016.

FILTROS ‒ ANOIA, S.A was started as a small industrial project as SANT PERE RIUDEBITLLES (BARCELONA) which has since grown as one of the leading manufacturing company producing wide range of laboratory and industrial filters papers sheets & pads.

FILTROS ‒ ANOIA, S.A is in constant development and in perfect harmony with the environment and consider environmental management a key task.

FILTROS ‒ ANOIA, S.A aim is to offer world class filtration technology. Their technical team & test laboratory are at client disposal to offer solutions to any filtration requirement.

FILTROS ‒ ANOIA, S.A is one of the largest manufacturer in the laboratory filtration sector offering wide range of filtration, micro filtration & ultra filtration consumables, equipments and accessories.

FILTROS ‒ ANOIA, S.A is having an extensive network of distributors all over the world exporting their products to more than 100 countries.


FILTROS ANOIA in the world

Nowadays, Filtros Anoia, S. A. exports its products to more than 100 countries around the world, one of them the USA, Germany, Canada, The United Kingdom, Finland, Switzerland, France, South Korea, Chile or Italy, for example. Our lters are used in every single sector: pharmaceutical, cosmetically, drinks, alimentary, chemical, construction, metallurgical, environmental, university, stockbreeding, agricultural, mining, investigation, wine-growing, textile, etc.


Filtros India is representative office of Filtros Anoia, S.A.(Spain) in India


FILTROS INDIA was established in Mumbai (INDIA) in the year 2013 as an Indian Representative office of FILTROS ANOIA, S.A (SPAIN) by CREATIVE PAPERS GROUP who has a presence in Indian Paper Industry, since 1966.

FILTROS INDIA started a converting and packaging unit at JAIPUR (Rajasthan) with the technical support of FILTROS ANOIA, S.A. (SPAIN).

FILTROS INDIA is distributing all products manufactured by FILTROS ANOIA, S.A. in INDIA and neighboring Asian countries.

FILTROS INDIA have a team of experienced professionals to meet the queries of customers to choose the right grade of filter paper.

FILTROS INDIA not only fulfill their role as a supplier but also as a Customer Support & Solution Provider.

FILTROS INDIA have and wish to continue to enjoy the confidence of customers by providing the finest quality product & services.