(Ash content that is less than 0.01%.) For Critical analysis and gravimeters.


Filter paper for quantitative analysis FILTER-LAB are made under strictest requirement of quality not only of the raw materials used but also of the condition in which the production processes take place.

For its manufacture we use cellulose fibers and very pure cotton linters whose content in alpha cellulose is virtually 100%.At any rate, the cellulose fibers its natural state contains small quantities of organic and inorganic impurities. It is because of this reason these filter papers require a special production process.

Once the filter paper is manufactured in the desired physical conditions (weight in grams, thickness, velocity of filtration,etc.) a washing process with acids is initiated (generally HF and HCI) which concludes with final cleaning with demineralized (R.O.)water to achieve two important properties-

  • high resistance to the moist state
  • ash content less than 0.01%.

Due to these reasons these filter papers are specially suitable for filtration with Buchner Funnels in quantitative analysis & meet the requirements of international standards with regard to ash content.


Grade 1238 (FAST Filtration)
(Grade Reference 41)

  • Filtration of silver sulfides , arsenic, cadmium ,iron, lead and manganese.
  • Analysis of food.
  • Analysis of floors.
  • Determination of heavy metals in the water.

Grade 1242 (Medium-slow Filtration)
(Grade Reference 40)

  • Analysis of different components of cement, moods, and aqueous extracts from the floors.
  • Determination of oils in aqueous samples.
  • Determination of sediments in milk.
  • Capture of radionuclide and traces of elements from the atmosphere.

Grade 1246 (Very-slow Filtration)
(Grade Reference 42)

  • Retention of very fine particles of copper oxide.

These filter papers are produced primarily in 3 grades with
different filtration speed and particle retention: