Separation of compose made of solid material in extractors


FILTER-LAB® cellulose extraction thimbles are made of fibre of noble cellulose and linters of cotton that are completely free from impurities.

Frequently used in Soxhlet, Tecator or similar type extractors. Located in the inside of the extractor body, use to accommodate a sample solid material from which component must be separated by the addition of sufficient solvent.

Sometimes, is necessary to get a more precise filtration or even have a more resistant thimble to some solvent. Likewise, two qualities are manufactured by the thimble’s wall thickness:

Ref. 1800. Standard thickness: 1-2 mm. Medium filtration.

Ref. 1880. Double thickness: 2-4 mm. Medium-slow filtration.


  • Determination by extraction of the content of free
    lipids in food.
  • Extraction of sulphur in gaseous masses.
  • Extraction and quantification of components in
    industrial products: paint, animal fat, cosmetics,
    pavements, varnishes, lacquers, etc.
  • Dimensions of dust in air or industrial gases.
  • Determination of resin and fat in the wood and their

Correct selection of the
dimensions of an extraction
thimble for Soxhlet extractors.

- Length: placed with the mouth
upwards, the thimble must stop at
the upper part of the siphon

- Inner diameter: the sum of the
inner diameter of the thimble plus
the thickness of the wall must be
less by 2 or 3 mm than the
corresponding inner diameter of
the extractor body.

In Tecator extractors or similar the
measures are what every
equipment demands.

Thimble’s dimensions, standard thickness ref.1800

Wall’s thickness: Between 1 and 2 mm

Dimensions: Inner diameter x length in mm

Presentation: Packs of 25 units

* Special dimension Tecator: Inner diameter x length in mm

Double Thick Thimble’s dimensions ref.1880

Wall’s thickness: Between 2 and 4 mm

Dimensions: Inner diameter x length in mm

Presentation: Packs of 25 units

Information for orders. Cellulose extraction thimbles, standard thickness ref. 1800

Information for orders. Cellulose extraction thimbles, double thick ref. 1880