Filtration of different industrial and pharmaceuticals liquids, beverages, food, etc.


Sometimes leakages must perform certain small volumes of liquids whose production is performed on a reduced scale (perfumes, pharmaceuticals, valuable liquids, etc.). In these cases require the use of filtration systems which are manageable, accurate and reliable.

FILTER-LAB® is a filtration system filter press for small size and portable. Use filter plates 20 x 20 cm, with a maximum of 36 plates. The version is made of bronze M3000, M3000 and another quality the INOX, for food use is also made in bronze with the surface treatment steel.

It is available as an accessory gauge and spare parts: rubber washers, drip tray and filter holder plates.


  • Filtration of wines, liqueurs, spirits, vinegar.
  • Chemical filtration.
  • Filtration of essential oils.
  • Filtration of edible oils.
  • Filtration of samples of high-volume laboratory.
  • Small-scale production of perfumes

Technical specifications

M3000 series equipment Material: brass body, PP plates, rubber washers Material M3000INOX team series: brass body with a surface treatment steel, PP plates, rubber washers.

Measure plates: 20 x 20 cm

Maximum operating pressure: 20 bar

Power supply: 220 V, 50 Hz

Work Surface: 6 plates, 0.24 m2, 12 plates, 0.48 m2, 18 plates, 0.72 m2, 36 plates, 1.44 m2

Weight: 17 kg (6 plates)

Dimensions: 450 x 270 x 280 mm

Input / Output: rubber tube 20 mm diameter

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