Filtrations of high flow rates in special applications


Non-woven fabric filters are made with very long synthetic fibers, combined with each other in a more or less regular fashion by synthetic resins. These filters exhibit some interesting properties when compared to other traditional types such as those made of cellulose:

- High physical resistance: thanks to the great length and the specific nature of the fibers, non-woven fabric filters have good physical resistance in both dry and moist form.

- Allow the passing of large volumes: its very low apparent density makes sure that the frequency of pores is very high, allowing the passing of significant volumes of fluid.

- Bigger pore size:: filters with pore parameters between 30 and 250μm.

Formats and dimensions

Dimensions: Diameter in mm

Presentation: Packs of 100 units.


  • Very quick filtration in samples with visible particles.
  • Recovery of large particles of precious materials.
  • Artificial insemination in cattle breeding.
  • Harvesting of biological material in fish farms.
  • Supports the production of traditional dairy products.
  • Filtration of mashes or very dense samples in laboratories of the sugar industry (milk filters).
  • Determination of the retention in water in the fabrication of gyp based on the European standard and UNE 102.031.

Technical specifications

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