Specially made as a holder in an enormous type of chromatography


A range of papers made from cellulose chromatography pure cotton linters with an alpha cellulose content of 98% to ensure a low ash content and the virtual absence of metal contaminants, especially Fe and Cu, which could lead to interference.

These raw materials used in these papers confer the perfect regularity in the formation and the position and distribution of fibers, which allows a perfect uniformity of the physical characteristics of each quality. Also, a correct paper storage rear ensures good behavior in laboratory.

These papers are used primarily in processes of chromatography and electrophoresis, for separating a mixture of substances according to the principle of distribution extraction speeds. This is determined by the different sizes of the molecules, and distribution coefficient of molecular charges.

The most important parameters that indicate the characteristics of the chromatographic papers are weight in grams, thickness and the speed of aspiration. While a heavier paper and thickness guarantee high solute load, speed of capillary suction ensures better definition but the opposite, so you will always have a role higher resolution slow.

The applications are vast: teaching organic chemistry (ion separation difficult to identify), determination of some compounds in industry, etc.


Ref. PC1. Fine, medium aspiration

  • General chromatography works
  • Determination of the presence of malic acid in wine
  • Practices in high schools’ labs and universities’

Ref. PC2. Fine, medium aspiration

  • General chromatography works
  • Determination of components by elution

Ref. PC3. Medium, medium aspiration

  • Separation of organic compounds
  • Electrophoresis works
  • Chromatography with a high charge of solutes
  • Separation and identifications of additives in food.

Ref. PC4. Thick, medium aspiration

  • Electrophoresis with big molecular compounds
  • Analyses of proteins in serums

Ref. PC5. Very thick, quick application

  • Electrophoresis with very big molecular


Formats and dimensions

Dimensions: Measures in mm

Presentation: Packs of 100 units.

Other formats and dimensions available under demand

Information for orders. Paper for Chromatography

Information for orders. Paper for Chromatography