Recommended for qualitative analysis with high level precision


FILTER-LAB® Filter paper for qualitative analytic grade are manufactured with cotton linters and cellulose fibers with a high purity. For that reason, is used on qualitative tests of elevated precision like the determination or the identification or the identification of the materials.

These filter papers are produced with different filtration speed and particle retention primarily in 4 grades.


Grade 1248 (VERY FAST Filtration)
(Grade Reference 4)

  • Filtration of samples with coarse precipitates.
  • Filtration of musts.
  • Food analysis.
  • Determination of impurities in the iron and steel.

Grade 1249 (FAST Filtration)
(Grade Reference 2)

  • Filtration of thick participates as silver sulphur,arsenic,cadmium,antimony ,Lead and cadmium alkaline carbonate
  • Determination of fat content.
  • Soil analysis.

Grade 1250 (MEDIUM Filtration)
(Grade Reference 1)

  • Analysis of beer and malt according to the parameters recommended by the EBC.(European Brewery Convention)
  • Filtration media samples precipitated as calcium oxalate or some metal sulphides.
  • Analysis fertilizers.
  • Filtration hydrocarbon samples.
  • Analysis of black smoke in to the atmosphere.

Grade 1258 (MEDIUM-SLOW Filtration, Thick)
(Grade Reference 3)

  • Transport of biological samples.
  • Determination of sulphur and sulphate in aggregates.
  • Separation of elements by electroforesis.
  • Determination of some properties of aggregates.